MC9S08SV16 Arduino Form Factor with XBee Shield

This is a project board for the MC9S08SV16. It is a full featured MCU with all peripherals, has 16K of Flash memory and uses a 5 volt power source.  It is packaged in a 32 pin SDIP.

The board is designed with the Arduino Form Factor.

To the left is a photo of the bare project board and below that is a populated one.

The photo at the top of the page is the MC9S08SV16 board with a XBee shield mounted on it.  The shield has a DS1307 RTC and a clock program is displaying the time and date on a LCD.

The project board is for folks who, for whatever reason, want to use a 9S08 microcontroller but also would like the convenience of using one of the many Arduino shields.  Bare in mind that this is a MC9S08 microcontroller board and is in no way software compatible with Arduino.

The board has a LED and an serial EEPROM with a jumper to select its address.

Here is the schematic.

In the photo to the left the Project Board is connected to a four line character LCD by the SPI2LCD interface using a header on the XBee Shield.

The board communicates with your PC via a USB interface.  I have used a TinyUSB for this purpose.  The whole thing fits on a 16 pin DIP header.  The board can be powered either by the USB or the main power supply.  See the barrel plug lower left.  A jumper is used to select which is used.

Minor issues with board

The Project Board is designed for the 32 pin MC9S08SV16.

The MC9S08SV16 is also used for the 40 key 5x8 membrane keypad interface.  See photo to the left.

I also have a MC9S08SV16 Project Board.  Photo to the right.



For BDM's

  Lowest cost.



The 9S08 family is programmed using a Background Debug Module and Code Warrior.  CW can be downloaded from the Freescale website.


Other Freescale 9S08 Boards built with Arduino Form Factor

From Brazil Gabriel has his MC9S08QG8 Chameleon board

Firebird32 based on MC9S08JM60 but now discontinued.


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