Bluetooth devices are ubiquitous; in cell phones, laptops, cars.  But the focus of this page are the low cost SPP devices that can be used as a cable replacement for serial communication between our PCs and microcontrollers or between two or more micros.  For those interested here is a Power Point presentation that goes heavily into Bluetooth theory.

I think that all value-added resellers use the same Bluetooth module manufactured in China.  However, there are different  firmware versions.  The most common is a slave only that has the device name of "linvor".  If a device is advertised as being a master/slave device it may likely have the device name of "HC-05".  However, that is not always the case; I purchased a pair from MDFLY that have the deviceBluetooth USB dongle name of "BOLUTEX".

The Bluetooth slaves connect to a master.  Usually that will be your PC.  Some laptops have Bluetooth built in; otherwise get a Bluetooth USB dongle.

Information on these devices are scattered about on the internet and are not so easy to find.  I have copied a few of these datasheets or manuals. 
Download this
or this one 
or this one
or this.

Breakout Boards

Mostly the modules are mounted on boards like the one above which should be called a carrier board or baseboard.  A breakout board brings all or most of the module's pins to a header.  For more information:

Protoboard adapter for cheap Bluetooth module

Bluetooth Bee from Seeed Studio

Serial Bluetooth module slave test at Elastic Sheep

If, however, you happen to have a module and just want a baseboard check here or MDFLY

Useful Links

Serial Bluetooth Telemetry from openpilot

Control an Arduino from Android over Bluetooth

Adding a Bluetooth terminal to your router

Bluetooth module configurations from the hobbyist in NZ

Firmware programmer for a cheap Bluetooth module

Two-way Bluetooth communication made easy

Modifying the HC-05 Bluetooth module defaults using AT commands

Automatic Bluetooth Module Programmer

So far I've used the Bluetooth module in two of my projects: the Membrane Keypad Interface and the MC9S08QE64 mini board.





Membrane Keypad Interface Page  
with MC9S08QE64 mini board



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